Create a wildly successful clinic with ozone therapy.  Learn how to integrate ozone into your clinic with this online course.

Learn to seamlessly implement ozone therapy into your clinic and help more people... even if you know nothing about ozone therapy!

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Your patients are sick and your clinic isn't making enough money!

Is it time for a profit machine? Do you want to help more patients more of the time? Do you want to build a good name for your clinic?

Do you find it tough to operate a clinic?  If you're like most practitioners, you answered, "Obviously it's difficult!"  You have one of the most complicated jobs on the planet.  Helping people live their best and healing tough diseases.  In addition, you have staff, equipment, continuing education, administrative duties... at the end of the day you might even have to take out the trash!  And on top of it all, you have to make a profit.  By the way, how is that debt looking?  Nonetheless, you have endless energy to help people through healthcare.  

How do you get patients in the door? How do you get staff to operate efficiently and comply with the rules? How do you diagnose your patients and figure out what the issue REALLY is? And once you diagnose them, how do you fix it? Then you have to figure out how to make a living from all of it. 

This course isn't going to cure all your problems.  But it WILL give you an extremely helpful tool that is proven to improve patient outcomes for many chronic diseases.  Common applications for ozone therapy include autoimmune disorders, cancer, lyme, preventative care, pain, and much more.  In addition, it has HUGE potential to generate more revenue for your clinic (some of the clinics made an additional 500k per year after training with us).

By the end of this course, you will know if ozone therapy is going to be a good fit for your clinic.  You will have practical steps to take and know exactly what to do next... we guarantee it.  

IV Ozone Therapy 101 (MaH/UBI)

By the end of this course you will know how to do ozone therapy intravenously, understand the science, and identify if it's good for your clinic.  The entire course takes about 3 - 5 hours, depending on your pace.  In addition to the course, you will also receive FREE access to the 2021 ozone conference lectures, featuring over 15 lectures with the top ozone therapy and integrative medicine experts.  You will also get FREE Ebooks on ozone therapy such as "Ozone: A New Medical Drug" and "The Madrid Declaration".  There are dozes of other totally free resources that will be included with this course.  

Special offer expires soon.  Buy now!

$697    $297

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Buy the Course

This is an online course.  Which means that all the contents can be done at your own pace from your computer.  Once you make a purchase, you will instantly gain access.  The course is set up into modules which allows for easy navigation and progress tracking.  We also highly recommend having staff go through this course.  They will be more educated and more capable to sell the treatments for you.  


Our average clinic does $60,000 in additional revenue after adding ozone therapy IVs.  If you're around or above average, you will likely generate a lot more.  


Intravenous ozone therapy is a fantastic way to build a reputation in the community.  The name of your clinic will get more referrals from doctors and patients alike.  


Ozone therapy is proven to improve outcomes in a variety of acute and chronic diseases.  It's also commonly used among biohackers, health-nuts, and athletes for it's oxygenating enhancement.  


What better way to make a patient happy and feel good than by giving them ENERGY?  Ozone therapy drastically enhances the sense of well-being and energy by allowing the body to operate more efficiently.  

Here's what people are saying about ozone therapy

“It’s [ozone therapy] highly effective, it works across restoring things as well as enhancing”

Davey Asprey

“I had mold toxicity... within two days of the ozone, I went from being very cognitively impaired to almost symptom free.”

Dr. Mark Hyman

"Ozone Therapy is a powerful intervention"

Dr. Joe Mercola

What's in the course


The history of ozone therapy dates back to the 1870's!  Many people are not aware of the dramatic and extensive history ozone therapy holds.  This will help you to build credibility and intrigue with patients.


This is the lengthiest module of the course because understanding the science enables you to make wise decisions.  Dr. Auburn does an extensive dive into ozone therapy science to address the biochemistry and ozone's affect on the body.


There are many diseases that may be treated with ozone.  But there are some that respond better than others and to varying degrees.  In addition, some indications have different treatment plans than others.


"First do no harm."  The safety of ozone therapy is objectively reviewed and to great depth.  There are certain situations where you do not want to administer ozone therapy.


A video demonstration of an intravenous ozone therapy.  We walk through each step of the process and equipment required.  There are additional resources with printable protocols, equipment lists, and more.


A review of what equipment is required for ozone therapy and UBI.  The average clinic makes their money back within 6 weeks.  


Our average clinic does $60,000 in additional revenue after adding ozone therapy IVs.  If you're around or above average, you will likely generate a lot more.  But what does it take?  What are the steps?


Once you purchase the course, you will gain instant access to three FREE bonuses.



Along with the course, you will receive some of the most important books and materials on ozone therapy.  They will allow you to dig deep into ozone therapy.  




FREE ozone conference lectures

Over 15 lectures from the top experts in the industry.  A lot of clinical pearls that will save you a lot time and money.  Featuring speakers such as Dr. Tony Jiminez and Dr. Jordan Axe




free consult with ozone expert

Want a live interaction?  You will have the option to do a zoom call with an ozone expert who spent years in an integrative clinic as a lab director.  



About the Instructor,

Dr. Ann Auburn, D.O.

Dr. Auburn is an expert instructor for ozone therapy.  She has over 20 years of clinical experience and first started teaching ozone to practitioners about 5 years ago.  

She takes a well-balanced approach of practical, theoretical, and business instruction to give her students a full-bodied application of ozone therapy. 

Here's what people are saying about the instructor

“Dr Auburn is amazing and so knowledgeable!”

Heather Cronkright

“I had mold toxicity... within two days of the ozone, I went from being very cognitively impaired to almost symptom free.”

Dr. Mark Hyman

"Ozone Therapy is a powerful intervention"

Dr. Joe Mercola

The average clinic gains an additional $60,000 per year

IV Ozone Therapy Course (MaH/UBI)

Great for the whole staff



  • 3 massive FREE bonuses
  • Comprehensive education on IV ozone/ubi
  • Lifetime access
  • Improve outcomes and generate more income

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60-Days

A note from Micah - The Ozonaut:

We have worked hard to make this course unquestionably valuable for medical practitioners.  There was a lot of people, thought, and time putting it together.  I genuinely pray this course will help more people get healthy and stay healthy.  

I only want you to pay for this course if it's valuable for you.  This is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You may ask for a refund if it does not meet your expectations and we will send your money back ASAP.

It's a pleasure to serve this community and I am infinitely thankful to work for and with you.  

My calling in life is to create things that reduce suffering in the world. 

Let's reduce suffering together,